Yet more Oreos, and pouches of marinade

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A thin bit of news

Mr. Tidbit feels he must acknowledge that, in his rather unenthusiastic discussion a few weeks ago of new Blueberry Pie Oreos, he failed to note that they are available only at Target. (In the throes of his unenthusiasm he hadn’t noticed their absence from other stores.) He hopes you can learn to trust him once again as your Oreo informant.

Starting with this: It’s been an entire year since the introduction of Oreo Thins (the potato chip of Oreos), but finally there are two new flavors: lemon (filling between Golden Oreo Thins wafers) and chocolate (filling between regular chocolate Oreo Thins wafers). Can Double-Stuf[[cq, one f]] Oreo Thins be far behind?

It should be noted that, unlike most recent Oreos introductions, the new flavors of Oreo Thins are not “limited editions,” so we can expect them to stick around. Mr. Tidbit feels particularly confident of that because, like the three original Oreo Thins, the packages of the new ones weigh in at just 10.1 ounces, making all five the most expensive per ounce of the entire Oreo universe. (It appears that every store sets a single shelf price for all of its Oreo varieties, including the regular Oreos in their 14.3-ounce package, all of the “limited edition” Oreos in their typical 10.7-ounce packages and the Oreo Thins at 10.1 ounces.)

To be fair, there are some standing varieties of Oreos that come in packages as large as 15.35 ounces. To be fairer still, as recently as 2010 the package of regular Oreos weighed 18 ounces (and contained 45 cookies). Since then it has been 16.6 ounces (42 cookies) and 15.25 ounces (39 cookies) before arriving at its current 14.3 ounces (36 cookies).


Aye, there’s the marinade

McCormick, the spice outfit, already made several varieties of Grill Mates dry marinade mix (add oil, water and vinegar) in approximately 1-ounce single-use foil packets, not to be confused with the several varieties of its bottled Grill Mates dry seasoning blends or the several varieties of its bottled Grill Mates rubs.

Now that you’re not confused, McCormick has added three kinds of “single use / no waste” marinades in 5-ounce foil pouches. Mr. Tidbit finds himself mightily confused about how the single-use pouch reduces waste, but maybe that’s just Mr. Tidbit.


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