What did we do to deserve frozen Deep Fried Twinkies?


Deep-Fried Twinkies! (Yes.)

Several months ago, Mr. Tidbit discussed frozen Oreo Churros, which you briefly bake or deep-fry, and he noted that: The “Real Creme Filling” somehow survives baking or deep-frying; the producer of Oreo Churros is J&J Snack Foods (which has nothing to do with Oreos but uses the name under license), and that the only connection to Oreos is that you roll the heated churros in “Oreo Crumb Sugar Topping.”

Now there are New Hostess Deep Fried Twinkies, which are quite different. You do briefly bake or deep fry them, but Hostess actually makes them. According to the box, each is “a real Hostess Twinkie,” consisting of “sponge cake with creamy filling.” That item is coated in funnel-cake batter, resulting in the item that you can bake or fry and that provides, as the box describes it, “The fun of a State Fair right out of your oven!”

Mr. Tidbit would challenge that: The Deep Fried Twinkie isn’t even on a stick!

Like the “Real Creme” filling of Oreo Churros, the Twinkie filling survives baking or deep-frying as a hot, creamy semi-liquid.

There are two versions: original golden, or chocolate-filled (and coated in brown funnel cake). In both cases the box of seven weighs about 17 ounces (2.4 ounces each). One regular Twinkie weighs 1.36 ounces. So the new ones are . . .  substantial. And a regular Twinkie has 130 calories and 4 grams of fat. The deep-fried Twinkie has 220 calories and 8 grams of fat.

Originally they were only at Walmart, but they are said to be coming to other stores soon. The box of seven is $4.76 (68 cents each) at Walmart, where a box of 10 regular Twinkies is $2.97 (30 cents each).

FYI, Mr. Tidbit bought his a month ago, and now he can’t find the Deep-Fried Twinkies even at Walmart. That might not be terrible news: He still has six of the seven he bought — and he threw away most of the one he tried.


Q for Quinoa and Quiche

New from Kellogg’s, answering the nation’s cry for more quinoa: Special K frozen Crustless Quiche, in three varieties: Portabella, Kale & Quinoa; Ham, Cheese & Quinoa and Sausage, Quinoa, Peppers & Cheese. There are two in a 7-ounce box; $3.99 at one online store. A similar but quinoa-less line of frozen 7-ounce egg-based items, Jimmy Dean Breakfast Bowls, is $2.99 at the same store.

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  1. Can you teach us to bake something Uncle Al? I looked at the chemicals they use in twinkies, and it looks like the same stuff they use in foam in place insulation. Give us a good recipe.

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