Velveeta, Hershey acquire textural elements


Yet more Velveeta

In case you haven’t been able to satisfy your need for Velveeta with only the available loaves, slices, shreds, blocks, pouches, dip cups, bowls, skillet and casserole mixes, salad dressings, and in combinations with various pastas, you can rejoice: Now Velveeta is in the freezer case, too!

There are three bake-and-serve versions. Two kinds of Velveeta Cheesy Bites: Original (“creamy bites of Velveeta cheese in a crispy breading”) and Salsa con Queso (“creamy bites of Velveeta cheese blended with salsa in a crispy tortilla coating”). The 18-ounce (510-gram) package contains, according to the nutrition panel, a rather vague “about six” 80-gram servings of four bites each, which the front of the box — even more tentatively — calls “over 20 bites.” Mr. Tidbit counted 26.

And right next door in the freezer case there is Velveeta Stuffed Grilled Cheese (“buttery biscuit dough filled with creamy Velveeta cheese”). These are much larger sandwich-type items: The 18-ounce box contains six three-ouncers. The box is also labeled “Original,” so maybe there’s another flavor of Stuffed Grilled Cheese coming. Mr. Tidbit can hardly wait.


Cookie-what-now bars?

New from Hershey is a set of three kinds of Cookie Layer Crunch candy bars, all available at least in 6.3-ounce bags of nine small (0.7-ounce) individually wrapped bars.

In case it’s not clear (it certainly wasn’t to Mr. Tidbit), a Cookie Layer Crunch bar is a milk- or dark-chocolate-covered bar with two internal layers: The bottom layer is bits of cookie embedded in the same chocolate, and the top layer (under the chocolate coating) is a caramel or crème filling.

(Yes, although in this country the word “creme” is used to avoid suggesting that there’s actual cream in the product, Hershey spells it “crème,” with a grave accent over the first e, which Mr. Tidbit supposes is a suggestion that the filling is a bit European or in some other way rather la-di-da.)

The varieties are vanilla crème (“milk chocolate bars with chocolate cookie bits and vanilla flavored crème with other natural flavor”); mint (“dark chocolate bars with chocolate cookie bits and mint crème”), and caramel (“milk chocolate bars with shortbread cookie bits and caramel.”)

In addition to the bags of small bars (which Mr. Tidbit has seen), there are also said to be 3.5-ounce bars in all flavors, and 2.1- and 1.4-ounce bars in caramel only.


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