Thin is in; so is thinner

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Thin is good

At the Nabisco-branded part of the Mondelez part of what used to be Kraft, there’s a whole bunch of new thin “snacks” called Good Thins, in eight varieties: four rice crackers, one wheat-and-chickpea cracker and three potato-and-wheat items that are rather like chips.

All eight carry what’s getting to be a familiar boast – a list of what they don’t contain. In this case, no artificial colors, no artificial flavors, no cholesterol, no partially hydrogenated oils and no high-fructose corn syrup – a list labeled “the goods.” In addition, the box of the potato varieties brags “We have 60% less fat than the leading regular fried potato chip,” the rice varieties say “We’re gluten free,” and the wheat-and-chickpea box says “We’re made with real chickpeas.” (Mr. Tidbit just hates those fake chickpeas.)


So is thinner

Not only have the Nabisco folks brought forth Good Thins (and, a while back, Oreo Thins), they’ve also taken a cracker that was already thin – Wheat Thins – and introduced a thinner version of it: Even Thinner Wheat Thins.

Ever skeptical, Mr. Tidbit dug out his micrometer and measured the thickness of five regular Wheat Thins crackers and five Even Thinner Wheat Thins. He observed that the thickness measurement of every cracker (of both kinds) was different each time he moved the micrometer around the cracker.  So he took five measurements of each cracker and calculated the average. He also underlined the thickest and thinnest measurement for each cracker.

The results were significant, although highly unimportant. The average thickness of the average Wheat Thins cracker was .088 inches; that of the Even Thinner Wheat Thins cracker was .071 inches – a 19 percent reduction in thickness.

There was a 15 percent reduction in the thickness of the average thickest part, and a 20 percent reduction in the thickness of the average thinnest part. The reduced thickness is actually noticeable as crispness when eaten; by comparison, regular Wheat Thins seem downright sturdy.

Mr. Tidbit can’t imagine how this amazing feat is possible, but producing Even Thinner Wheat Thins must be hard on the Wheat Thins squeezing machinery, because Even Thinner Wheat Thins is a limited edition.

The box of regular Wheat Thins contains 9.1 ounces; for the same price, that of Even Thinner Wheat Thins holds 8.5 ounces. Surprised?


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Al Sicherman

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