Thin cheese, mint cupcakes that cost a mint


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Thinner? Cheese, Louise!

There are several new offerings from the cheesy part of Kraft-Heinz. First, sliced cheese. Right next to the several varieties of Kraft’s Big Slice cheeses (10 slices in the eight-ounce bag) are the several varieties of new Slim Cut cheese — the same-price bag contains 18 “extra thin” slices. Surprise — it’s a seven-ounce bag.

(Mr. Tidbit couldn’t find any Kraft cheese in “normal” slices. He did find, now that he looked, that Sargento and Crystal Farms also offer thin slices — some in even-smaller 6.84-ounce bags!)

And there are two new Velveeta products. Velveeta Mini-Blocks is a box of five separately wrapped four-ounce chunks of Velveeta. At one store, where the regular 32-ounce loaf of Velveeta was $7.29 (23 cents an ounce) the 20 ounces of Velveeta Mini-Blocks was $5.99 (30 cents an ounce). Mr. Tidbit must acknowledge that in households where a little Velveeta goes a long way but the ability to securely wrap the unused part of a large loaf is lacking, it might make sense to buy the separately wrapped chunks. Still, 30 percent more per ounce . . .

The other new Velveeta offering is more than a repackaging. It’s Velveeta Dip Cups — Nacho Cheese or Chili Cheese — in four-packs of 2.5-ounce cups that you microwave for 15 seconds. At the same store, this 10-ounce seasoned (and slightly thinner) Velveeta offering was $3.99 (40 cents an ounce).


Mint is a verb, too

There’s a set of new offerings from the Pillsbury part of J.M. Smucker: Four mixes in flavors of Girl Scout cookies: Thin Mint cupcake and brownie mixes, and Caramel & Coconut cupcake and blondie mixes. These are small mixes: The 13.2-ounce box of cupcake mix (including frosting mix) makes 12 cupcakes, not the 24 you get from a regular box of cake mix, and the 14.1-ounce brownie/blondie mixes make 12, not the 20 said to be the number in a full-size mix.

At one discount store, where the full-size Pillsbury cakes mixes were $1.12 (6 cents per unfrosted cupcake for the mix — not counting the necessary eggs, oil, etc. in any of these prices) and the full-size Pillsbury brownie mixes were $1.22 (6 cents per brownie) the Girl Scout mixes were $2.99 (25 cents per brownie or frosted cupcake).


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