Snackwiches, pudding bars and batches

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Granola in layers

New from Quaker, which makes nine kinds of chewy granola bars, plus three 25%-less-sugar chewy granola bars, four big chewy granola bars, five chewy Dipps (fudge-coated) granola bars, two chewy yogurt granola bars, two quinoa granola bars, and two unfortunately-named chewy Girl Scouts granola bars (they have the flavors of two Girl Scouts cookies), come two chewy Snackwich bars. The word “granola” isn’t in the name, but granola (made with oats, brown rice crisp and more) is the first ingredient.

What makes these things Snackwiches is that, between two layers of chewy granola, there’s a layer of either apples and caramel or peanut butter and chocolate chips. Make that a thin layer: At least in Mr. Tidbit’s purchase, the apples and caramel version, the apples and caramel layer is hardly visible to the naked eye.

Pudding in bars

ConAgra, makers of the 11 flavors of Snack Pack shelf-stable puddings, has brought forth two kinds of Snack Pack Pudding Bars (chocolate fudge and chocolate caramel). What’s a pudding bar? Both versions are described as brownies; the chocolate caramel version adds “caramel flavored chips.”

The box announces that “pudding* is baked right in” (and the asterisk advises that what’s baked right in is pudding mix, which seems perfectly fair to Mr. Tidbit). We’re also told that the pudding bars are “powered by pudding,” but no asterisk helps us understand that one.

Mr. Tidbit is accustomed to disappointment in snacks whose packaging suggests moistness. But the version he bought, chocolate caramel, was really pretty good.

There are new limits

When Mr. Tidbit spotted new Pumpkin Spice Nutri-Grain bars, he was tempted to say “ho-hum,” thinking that one more soft-baked bar — and one more pumpkin spice product — added nothing new to the world of peculiar food products that is his province, if not his dominion.

Then he was startled to notice that, whereas in recent years manufacturers have used the label “limited edition” to mark every new food product that they intend to offer only briefly, Kellogg’s has highlighted this Nutri-Grain offering as a “limited batch.”

Although “batch” is a more appropriate word than “edition” to describe foodstuffs, most folks probably wouldn’t think that this is a noteworthy development. But Mr. Tidbit is (unfortunately for him) the kind of guy who differentiates between “province” and “dominion.”

And he’s aware that, in some circles, “batches” is a word to be avoided. Oh, he’ll go ahead and say it: “Batches? Batches? We don’t need no stinkin’ batches!”


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  1. Dear Mr. Tidbit,
    An inquiring mind wants to know….
    Where does one find the Snack Pack Pudding Bars, specifically the Chocolate Caramel?
    I am intrigued and must try them!
    Your friend and reader,

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