Saucy business, glutenless oatiness and nuts to m&m

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A.8. Sauce?

Strolling through the supermarket the other day, Mr. Tidbit noticed what seemed to him to be a surprising array of A.1. Sauce. Had you asked him, moments earlier, how many kinds of A.1. Sauce there are (and had he not detected a trap in the fact that you were asking), he would have answered “One” – or maybe, if he was being cute, “Eh? One.”

He would, of course, have been wrong. There are eight: There is Original A.1., and (Mr. Tidbit might have remembered if he had tried) Bold & Spicy, made with Tabasco Sauce. Given encouragement and a few hints, he might eventually have come up with Thick & Hearty. But there are more. He doesn’t recall knowing about Cracked Peppercorn, which apparently has been with us a while, and there are four new ones:   Sweet Hickory, made with Bulls-Eye BBQ Sauce; Sweet Chili Garlic; Spicy Chipotle, and Smoky Black Pepper.

Looking through his unfortunately vast files, he finds that this multiplicity of A.1. isn’t a new phenomenon. In 2005 he was snickering about what were then six kinds of A.1. Sauce, including Smoky Mesquite and CarbWell. (Was the low-carb bandwagon really more than 10 years ago? Time flies while you’re counting steak sauce.)


Different Bunches of Oats

That kind of expansion is peanuts (figuratively speaking) compared with that of cereal maker Post’s Honey Bunches of Oats. Not counting the two granola versions, there are now 12 kinds (and there have been at least nine others that popped up for a while but disappeared).

The newest flavor, Honey Bunches of Oats Chocolate, is significant not only for what’s in it (cocoa processed with alkali), but also – and more so – for what isn’t in it. This is the first Honey Bunches of Oats made with gluten-free oats.


m&m &m &m . . .

And speaking of peanuts – literally this time – the ever-expanding variety of m&ms now includes three flavored versions of Peanut m&ms, but the Mars folks assure us that two will not be with us long. Through mid-June you can enter a sweepstakes and vote for which one you want to become permanent: Coffee Nut, Honey Nut or Chili Nut. See or text VOTE to 87654. No purchase is necessary (nor, if you ask Mr. Tidbit, is any of the three new flavors). (Mr. Tidbit knows you didn’t ask.)


Al Sicherman

Author: Al Sicherman

Al Sicherman and his used dog, Gus, live in Minneapolis. Al is on the left/

4 thoughts on “Saucy business, glutenless oatiness and nuts to m&m”

  1. As a longtime fan of MMs, I agree about the three new flavors. Unnecessary and ill advised imho. Thanks again for searching the grocery aisles, so we don’t have to.

  2. If they wanted to make another flavor of A.1, they should have called it A.2. I’d hate to find at home that I bought bold and spicy. Life is confusing enough with all these marketing tricks.

  3. Too many varieties of too many products is too confusing. I mean, really, do we need 40 varieties of barbecue sauce? 50 or however many kinds of cereal? And what’s wrong with the old M & M peanut candies? We love ‘em!

    A pleasure to read your “columns” again, Al Sicherman.

    Signed: mother of a daughter who used to make Bupcakes every couple of weeks when she was in high school–and loves them to this day.

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