Peculiar new Oreos and Joe-Joe’s


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At last, a new Oreo

It’s been something like three months since the most recent peculiar new flavor of Oreo cookies (Filled Cupcake) appeared, and Mr. Tidbit was beginning to worry. Could some terrible disease have struck down the staff of the Peculiar New Flavor Department?

Mr. Tidbit’s concern was heightened by the reappearance – all at once – of several previous Oreo hits (Red Velvet, S’Mores, Peanut Butter Cup). Was this some sort of farewell tour?

His anxiety, it turned out, was ill-founded. Perhaps the Peculiar New Flavor folks required a little R&R after the mental and emotional effort of coming up with Filled Cupcake Oreos. In any case, we have a new one now. It’s Blueberry Pie Oreos, and Mr. Tidbit acknowledges the extra bit of brilliance in leaping past the simpler possibility of Blueberry Oreos by adding “graham flavor” to the Golden Oreo wafers, thereby suggesting the idea of pie crust (to the very suggestible).

All that said, Mr. Tidbit feels he must opine that, at least to him, the depth of blueberry flavor (the cookies contain unnamed artificial and natural flavors, according to the ingredient list) is a pretty good match to the pale blue color of the filling.


Multiple mango mouthfuls

Mr. Tidbit has had several recent occasions to comment upon the mainstreaming of the once-exotic mango. Had he needed any further convincing, a recent development at Trader Joe’s would have done it. Their new flyer contains more than 20 items flavored with mango or containing bits of mango. To be sure, some are making only limited appearances, but the range of mango madness at Trader Joe is breathtaking.

There are mango cereal bars, Mango O’s breakfast cereal, mini mango pies, skewers of grilled jerk chicken with mango chutney, mango coconut popcorn, mango salad dressing and mango gummies, to name just a few. And there are several non-food products such as honey mango shave cream, mango tangerine candles and mango body butter.

Mr. Tidbit’s eye was caught first by the Mango Joe-Joe’s sandwich cookies. (These have managed so far to evade the apostrophe police. The jury is still out on the cereal.) The cookies’ ingredient list includes mango purée, mango powder and natural mango flavor. Mr. Tidbit guesses that a (non-apostrophe-sensitive) mango fan will be happier with Mango Joe-Joe’s than a blueberry fan will with Blueberry Pie Oreos.



Al Sicherman

Author: Al Sicherman

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2 thoughts on “Peculiar new Oreos and Joe-Joe’s”

  1. We tripped over the Trader Joe’s Mango Madness last weekend and wondered if they’re trying to lure us to a new fruit staple (it wouldn’t even hold pieces of paper together) to replace the vanishing banana. Inquiring minds want to know. Does Mr. Tidbit have a theory?

  2. Love to read your column on the net. Am not a big food fan, but always get a smile from your writing style and sense of humor Al. And of course all that is even better since I have met Mr. Tidbit in person. (Had to use And at the beginning of that sentence to get your Grammar Police Cadet dander up. 🙂


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