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Peanut butter takes a bow

It has long been Mr. Tidbit’s policy not to bother discussing any “new” peculiar grocery product that is merely a flavor variation of the original peculiar item. He makes a routine exception for the latest silly Oreo cookie, and for anything else that seems unusually peculiar or even significant.

Mr. Tidbit is sure that there are those who will argue that Hostess’s new Peanut Butter HoHos don’t rise to those standards, but they’re Mr. Tidbit’s standards, which he’ll edge by if he wants to, by if he wants to, by if he wants to . . . [SLAP!] [Thank you. Mr. Tidbit needed that.]

Mr. Tidbit is pretty sure that, although Hostess’s lineup of filled treats has occasionally included fillings with flavors other than “white” (the original Hostess Twinkie filling was banana-flavored), peanut butter has not before made an appearance. He finds that deeply meaningful, and he suspects that PB Twinkies, cupcakes and Ding Dongs are close at hand, and that a PB & J filling will not be far behind.



Expanding the Ranch acreage

Mr. Tidbit’s aforementioned disinclination to deal with a new product that’s just a new flavor of an existing product usually gets invoked several times on any of his trips down supermarket aisles, so when he spotted new Hidden Valley Ranch Cilantro Lime dressing, he was all set to walk past it. Then he noticed, on the shelf below that, four more kinds of Hidden Valley Ranch dressing wearing “new” tags: Buffalo, Cheddar and Bacon flavored, Sriracha and Three Herb (rosemary, oregano and basil). That’s not “just a new flavor”: It’s a naked attempt to gain shelf space.



The pile of Thins thickens

When Mr. Tidbit rounded up several new “thin” lines of cookies and crackers a month or so ago, he didn’t include THINaddictives cookies from biscotti-maker Nonni’s. That’s because somehow he hadn’t noticed them, although they would seem to be hard to miss. There are seven fairly elaborate kinds (Mango Coconut Almond is one), three of which feature a dark-chocolate drizzle.


firework oreosWhere have all the Ss gone?

As to why the Firework Oreos discussed last week aren’t Fireworks Oreos (a matter of some interest to nitpickers such as Mr. Tidbit), he can only speculate that the millions of letters-S that are being saved will turn up some day on another Nabisco product. Perhaps Chips Ahoy! Srirachas.


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