Nourished by Special K, bitten with cheese, shape-shifting pizza

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Cold nourishment

Continuing what Mr. Tidbit sees as the inexorable march of quinoa into every grocery product under heaven, we now have Kellogg’s Special K Nourish as two flavors of cold cereal, following rather tardily behind the introduction in 2013 of Special K Nourish hot cereal (in just-add-water microwave cups) and Special K Nourish cereal bars.

The cold cereal (coconut cranberry almond or apple raspberry almond) differs from the hot cereal and the cereal bars in two significant ways:

*The grains on which they are based differ. Cold cereal: wheat, rice, oats and quinoa. Hot cereal and bars: oats, wheat, barley and quinoa.

*The cold cereal can be found at your supermarket. The hot cereal and bars appear to be discontinued. At least they seem to have disappeared from the stores Mr. Tidbit haunts, and the Special K website no longer mentions them.

But lest you fear for the future of the Special K franchise, please allow Mr. Tidbit to point out that he is aware, at the moment, of three kinds of Special K hot cereal, 17 kinds of Special K cold cereal and no less than 27 kinds of Special K cereal bars.


Bites of cheese

How many ways can you sell cheese? Here’s another, from Sargento: Snack Bites are little one-bite sticks of cheese, sold in six-ounce bags said to contain about 40 of them (six one-ounce servings, each of which is about 7 pieces). There are four varieties: Savory Garlic & Herb Jack, Colby Pepper Jack, Wisconsin Sharp Cheddar and Chipotle BBQ Cheddar.

At the store where Mr. Tidbit saw them, the Snack Bites were $4.79 (80 cents an ounce). Sargento’s sliced cheeses at that store, in packages that ranged from 6.67 ounces to 7.6 ounces, were $3.99 (53 to 60 cents an ounce).


It’s not a wrap

Totino’s little frozen Party Pizzas, no longer come shrink-wrapped inside a cardboard box. To eliminate excess packaging (and, Mr. Tidbit guesses, perhaps to save some money), General Mills has eliminated the box: The pizza is now naked inside a plastic bag.

At the same time, the pizzas have been reshaped from circles to rectangles. Mr. Tidbit immediately suspected covert quantity-shaving, but a note on the package insists that it’s the same amount of pizza in each case, and a chastened Mr. Tidbit has verified that claim, ounce for ounce.


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