Mr. Tidbit takes a nap. How will the nation survive?


Resting for a week (or two)

  Mr. Tidbit is taking a barely-well-earned vacation. He plans to spend a good part of it shopping for new laurels: After more than 40 years, his have been getting distinctly lumpy.



Al Sicherman

Author: Al Sicherman

Al Sicherman and his used dog, Gus, live in Minneapolis. Al is on the left/

3 thoughts on “Mr. Tidbit takes a nap. How will the nation survive?”

  1. Whether it is plants, clothing or new successes you are shopping for.. Enjoy the experience. So much better than being distracted by “Pre-existing conditions”. Happy Summer!

  2. So disappointed! I was looking forward to seeing Mr. Tidbit taking a nap–something I haven’t seen since 1963.

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