More than Voila! and a last-minute treat


Voila! And more!

Do you know the Voila! line of frozen dinners for two from Birds Eye? How many varieties would you guess there are?

Wrong! (Probably.)

Even ignoring the occasional “limited edition,” there are lots more than would ever show up in your typical supermarket freezer case. As listed on the Birds Eye website, it appears that there are 14 different kinds of these 21-ounce dinners, most of which are also available in a 42-ounce “family size.” Plus there seem to be four that are available only in that larger size. And Mr. Tidbit just bought one that isn’t on the list at all! However many that is, that’s got to be enough, right?

Wrong! (Actually.)

Introducing Birds Eye Signature Skillets, 21-ounce frozen dinners for two that at least sound a bit more upscale than most of the varieties of Voila! There are eight of them right off the bat, so in addition to the probability that the version of Voila! that would be your favorite isn’t at your store, you’re probably also never going to find the Signature Skillet you’d prefer.

Maybe that’s OK. The price of the Voila! dinners was just under $5 at the discount store where he found the new Signature skillets, which were just under $7.


Chocolate and chips

Last-minute-shopper alert:  Mr. Tidbit saw all three versions of Wavy Lay’s chocolate-covered potato chips in the Christmas food gift corner of Target, and some at other supermarkets. (There are milk chocolate, dark chocolate and milk chocolate with almond bits.) Mr. Tidbit can take chocolate-covered potato chips or leave them alone, but he passes this along because some folks prize them highly. He has no idea why this is a Christmas item, but it seems to be: The Frito-Lay website lists it as a limited-time offering (and lists no stores as having any).

They’re not cheap: The very small 5-ounce bag (about the size of the snack-size bag of regular potato chips) is $3.99 ($3.49 on sale at Target). That’s almost reasonable: Mr. Tidbit reached back to high-school algebra and, solving two equations in two unknowns, calculated that the bag is about 90 percent chocolate and 10 percent potato chip by weight.

Still, that’s only a buck’s worth of chocolate in the $3.49 bag. But take Mr. Tidbit’s word: Dipping your own potato chips is a mess, probably worth a buck or two to avoid.


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