Many were culled, few were frozen

Now that his kitchen countertop is almost clear of potential Tidbit items (because he wrote them off in the last two weeks), Mr. Tidbit realizes that he forgot to see whether there were any new items in his freezer.

There were three. He hopes you will agree that all are peculiar enough to merit immediate attention. 

Ding Dong! It’s Twinkie ice cream!


From Hostess come ice-cream versions of Twinkies, Ding Dongs, Sno Balls and Hostess Cupcakes. Mr. Tidbit was surprised to learn that, of the six offerings, only two (the Ding Dong and the Sno Ball) are what he expected: A “frozen novelty” version of the regular product filled with ice cream.

Three of the other four offerings (Twinkies, Sno Balls and Cupcakes) are flavors of ice cream (in pints and half-gallons), with inclusions of cake pieces and flavor swirls. Mr. Tidbit was unable to locate any of these, but it’s early days.

The sixth item is a second version of a frozen Twinkie: a cone “with creamy Twinkie-flavored frozen dairy deliciousness, topped with golden sponge cake crumbles.”

Yes, the cone is filled with “frozen dairy deliciousness.” Because he was careless above in his use of the term “ice cream,” in order to help visualize the products involved, Mr. Tidbit points out that Hostess refers only to the pint and half-gallon items as “ice cream.”  The Ding-Dongs, for example, are described on the box as “Vanilla frozen dairy dessert sandwiches with chocolatey coating.”


Not even pint-sized


Speaking of pints, Ben & Jerry’s now offers Pint Slices, in four popular Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavors, such as Americone Dream, transformed into “dark-chocolatey” coated ice cream bars. Fair enough. But Mr. Tidbit finds the word “pint” in connection with these items pretty misleading. The original ice cream flavors come in pints (that’s 16 ounces) selling for $5.49 at one store (34 cents an ounce). The three bars in a box of Pint Slices weigh in at a total of just 10 ounces — not a pint — and sell at that store for $5.59 (56 cents an ounce).


Bunny Snacks


The four varieties of new Bunny Snacks, from Blue Bunny, are small   (2 1/2-ounce) sandwiches or bars (six to a bag) of reduced-fat ice cream, some covered in “chocolate flavored coating.” The one that called out to Mr. Tidbit is Salted Caramel Pretzel.

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