Mango Jell-O was new long before Sunsweet green mango

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New dried mangos

New from Sunsweet comes Pacific Tropicals, a line of dried tropical fruit a little more exotic (and a little pricier) than Sunsweet’s many kinds of prunes, berries and the like. There’s Philippine mango, Philippine green mango (which the bag helpfully points out, for those of us unfamiliar with green mango, is “tart and tangy”), Philippine pineapple and Thai coconut. The prices vary, but at one store, where an eight-ounce bag of Sunsweet prunes was $3.39 (42 cents an ounce), both kinds of mangos were $4.99 for a five-ounce bag ($1 an ounce).


Neither really mango nor new

On the same shopping trip, Mr. Tidbit noticed a box of mango (artificial flavor) Jell-O with a bold “New!” flag at the top, and began to muse about mango becoming less exotic in North America (at least less exotic than it was one paragraph above) and more a mainstream flavor.

He was thinking that such an observation might be a way to discuss the two new products, when he vaguely recalled having written something along that line a while ago. Sure enough, a search confirmed that in early 2015 he said exactly that when talking about Del Monte’s then-new canned diced mangos, which remarkably (to Mr. Tidbit, anyway) cost exactly the same per ounce as Del Monte’s canned sliced peaches. Present-day Mr. Tidbit was pretty pleased with himself for remembering that he had already favored his vast public with the mainstream-mango observation.

Setting the box of mango Jell-O on the shelf at home, he was surprised to find that he already had one. It too was marked “New!” He wondered how long he had had it. The sell-by date on the box he just bought is 10 months away; assuming the same dating margin for the old box, he bought that one in mid-2013! The “New!” flag on the two boxes was identical. This poses what is probably an age-old question: How old does something have to be before it’s no longer new?

Maybe that’s an age-new question.

For the heck of it, Mr. Tidbit looked to see whether he had ever written about “new” mango Jell-O. He had. In October 2012. He doesn’t know how old it was then.


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  1. I was happy when you informed us about the Mango Jello and I am even more happy when you reminded me about the Mango Jello. Thank you Mr. Tidbit!!

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