Looking at Peeps from both sides now


Peeps Oreos

It’s been just two months since Chocolate Strawberry Oreos appeared, but Easter is hard upon us (at least it is for those in the candy and cookie biz; for the rest of humanity, Easter is almost six weeks away) so some kind of Easter-related Oreo would seem to be necessary.

And here it is: Peeps Oreos — Golden Oreo wafers separated by two patties of Pepto-Bismol-pink “Marshmallow Peeps flavor creme — artificially flavored.”

Leaving aside the relatively recent varieties of flavored Peeps, Mr. Tidbit has never thought that the original Marshmallow Peeps had any flavor at all, beyond sugar. The filling in these Marshmallow Peeps Oreos, he must acknowledge, does taste quite a bit like marshmallow, but (and Mr. Tidbit bought a small pack of yellow ones, just to be sure) Marshmallow Peeps don’t taste anywhere near as much like marshmallow as Peeps Oreos do.


Other Peeps


Speaking of flavored Peeps, this year’s list of 12 Peep’s Delights (larger Peeps with bottoms dipped in something interesting, sold in 1.5-ounce packs of three — typically priced the same as a 4.5-ounce pack of 15 regular Peeps) seems even longer to Mr. Tidbit than last year’s, although he didn’t keep a record of the 2016 offerings, so he can’t be sure. This year there are:

Regular Peep, dark chocolate dip.   Regular Peep, milk chocolate dip.  Coconut flavor Peep, dark chocolate dip.   Blueberry flavor Peep, dark chocolate dip.  Strawberry flavor Peep, creme flavor fudge dip. Vanilla flavor Peep, creme flavor fudge dip.  Lemon flavor Peep, lemon fudge dip.  Orange flavor Peep, orange fudge dip.  Chocolate Mousse flavor Peep, milk chocolate dip. Raspberry flavor Peep, creme flavor fudge dip (only at Target).  Chocolate flavor Peep, filled with a ribbon of chocolate ganache, chocolate dip (only at Target). Vanilla flavor Peep, filled with a ribbon of caramel, milk chocolate dip (only at Target).

Did Mr. Tidbit fail to mention that there appear to be 15 flavors of regular Peeps? The list includes Cotton Candy (only at Walmart), Bubble Gum (only at Walmart), Fruit Punch, Sour Lemon-Lime Twist, Party Cake, and more.

Too many more.

Dear friends: Last Saturday would have been my son Joe’s 46th birthday. He died in a seven-story fall from his college dorm room in Madison, Wis., in 1989. He had taken LSD; he was 18.

Hug your kids.


Al Sicherman


Al Sicherman

Author: Al Sicherman

Al Sicherman and his used dog, Gus, live in Minneapolis. Al is on the left/

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  1. Dearest Uncle Al,

    Thanks for delving into deepest, darkest Peepsville, so the only rest of us could remain safe, in our homes.

    yrs hmbly,


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