Kraft-Heinz Devours and a couple of cookies

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Kraft-Heinz goes “ooey gooey”

What Mr. Tidbit believes to be the first major product introduction from newly merged Kraft-Heinz Foods is a set of 12 Devour frozen entrees, which aren’t intended to appeal to the self-righteous. You know where the American consumer is said to be heading — fewer ingredients, emphasis on healthy nutrition? This ain’t there. Mr. Tidbit might have felt that he was being a little hyperbolic if he went much further than that, but here are quotes from Devour’s own website:

“We know cravings. It’s our mission. Our expertise. And with our arsenal of creamy, crispy, cheesy, spicy, sweet, and smoky there’s no craving we can’t take care of.”

Also  “[We use] the most craveable tastes and textures in every meal, like ooey gooey cheese, spicy sausage and crispy bacon you just won’t find in other microwavable meals.”

And they don’t go all Lean Cuisine when they put it together, either.

Examples, with key nutrition info, the better to astonish the more numerate reader: Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese (460 calories, 30 grams of fat [11 saturated], 1770 mg sodium), Lasagna Alfredo with Bacon & Sausage (570 calories, 37 grams fat [14 saturated], 990 mg sodium), and Chicken & Waffles (with syrup for dipping), (620 calories, 21 g fat [4 g saturated], 1150 mg sodium and an impressive 83 g carbohydrate [36 g sugars]).

Thin cookie Ahoy!

Following the very successful Oreo Thins (which Mr. Tidbit has called “the potato chip of Oreos”) a year ago, Mondelez now gives us Chips Ahoy! Thins. (As always, Mr. Tidbit rushes to note that the exclamation point is part of the name, not an indication of his level of enthusiasm.) But where Oreo Thins feel like an entirely different product from regular Oreos, Mr. Tidbit would say that Chips Ahoy! Thins are pretty-much just thinner and crisper Chips Ahoy! cookies.  Perfectly nice, maybe easy to overdo because they seem fairly insubstantial, but Chips entirely Ahoy! (There’s a cinnamon sugar version, which . . . has cinnamon sugar.)

And another Oreo

Mr. Tidbit is a little surprised that he is placing this item last, but maybe he is (finally?) no longer surprised that there’s yet another new Oreo. Anyway, the limited-edition Oreo now debuting is Fruity Crisp (between Golden Oreo wafers and with a few rice crisps in the filling). Imagine a Kool-Aid Tropical Punch cookie.



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