How thin it is!

Thin is unavoidably in

Mr. Tidbit has no idea how these things get started, but what was until comparatively recently a sprinkling of “thin” cookies and crackers is now an avalanche. The inflection point might have been the

first of the very successful Oreo Thins two years ago.  Here are four new thin products that are either completely new lines or significant additions to lines established not all that long ago:


From the thin farm

Pepperidge Farm, whose Farmhouse brand was until now only a line of bread, introduces three kinds of Farmhouse Thin & Crispy cookies: milk chocolate chip, dark chocolate chip and triple chocolate chip. As is true with many things in life, Mr. Tidbit is baffled by the fact that they became a separate line, instead of joining the long list of Pepperidge Farm cookies named after cities.  Nothing on the package of dark chocolate chip Farmhouse cookies that Mr. Tidbit bought suggests how “farmhouse” has anything to do with thin — or with crispy, for that matter.


Putting on more Ritz

Mr. Tidbit would have said that the several flavors of Ritz Toasted Chips satisfied any need for a crisper Ritz cracker. Of course, he was wrong. Now there’s a second line of Ritzes sold in bags: Ritz Crisp & Thins, which are more like potato chips than they are like the Ritz Toasted Chips — or than they are like what might be called plain-old  Nice & Thick original Ritzes. The varieties of Ritz Crisp & Thins at the moment are sea salt, bacon, cream cheese & onion and salt & vinegar.


Thin and glutenless


Archway’s Cookie Thins line (cinnamon sugar and brown sugar oatmeal) just got a significant addition: gluten-free sugar cookie. Mr. Tidbit usually stays away from discussing how much he likes or hates a new product, as that’s a matter of taste. But he feels that it’s worth noting that he wouldn’t have guessed this to be a gluten-free product.




Mondelez has doubled the number of varieties of Chips Ahoy! Thins. The first two — original and cinnamon sugar — are joined by oatmeal and double chocolate. (As always, Mr. Tidbit rushes to note that the exclamation point is part of the name, not an indication of his level of enthusiasm).









Al Sicherman

Author: Al Sicherman

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4 thoughts on “How thin it is!”

  1. When I was little and we would go and stay with my Grandparents in Bemidji, we would occasionally drive over to visit Grandpa’s cousin, Chick on his farm in Bagely, Minnesota. While there, his wife Marion would always have cookies for us grandkids to munch on. Perhaps that is where the Farmhouse idea came from?

  2. I have to say: the bacon flavor Ritz Thin and Crispy crackers are really good (although the bag contains a lot of crumbs) and I endorse them. Given my track record – this means they’ll be immediately discontinued so try them while you can.

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