Homestyling Ragu; Snyder’s of Hanover gluten-free pretzels

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Homestyle Ragu

New from Ragu are five flavors of Homestyle pasta sauce, as opposed to what Mr. Tidbit would have said were its “regular” sauces (until his attention was called to the fact that all the regular sauces not labeled “chunky” or carrying some overtly cheese-centered name are labeled “Old World Style”).

All five Homestyle sauce varieties are called “thick & hearty,” as in Thick & Hearty Roasted Garlic, etc., but there are two attributes less open to interpretation that set them apart in what Mr. Tidbit likes to think of as his mind: price and size.

Where he found them, the Homestyle sauces were $1.99 and the other Ragu sauces were $1.84. And the Homestyle sauces were in 23-ounce jars, while the other Ragu sauces were in 24-ounce jars. One ounce might not matter much to you, but that alone amounts to a four-percent price increase. Including the higher shelf price, at that store the regular Ragu sauces were 7.7 cents an ounce and the Homestyle sauces were 8.7 cents an ounce: 13 percent more per ounce.

In fact, double-checking with various websites as he likes to do (because he has no life), Mr. Tidbit has verified that – recently enough that neither Target nor Ragu has updated their sites – the jars of the regular Ragu sauces held 26 ounces, not 24.


Gluten-free pretzels

Snyder’s of Hanover, which makes more kinds and flavors of pretzels than Mr. Tidbit cares to describe (trust Mr. Tidbit: there are lots), has added gluten-free pretzels. The four varieties (at this moment) are pretzel-shaped minis and three flavors of pretzel sticks: Hot Buffalo Wing, Honey Mustard & Onion, and sticks without extra flavor.

In many cases, sad to say, the gluten-free version of a food product falls short of the original, usually in the matter of texture. Surprisingly, that is not so in this case, at least in Mr. Tidbit’s view. He finds them more than plenty crunchy.

Unsurprisingly, he also finds them more than plenty expensive. At one store the 16-ounce bag of many Snyder’s of Hanover varieties was $3.09 (19 cents an ounce), while the 8-ounce bag of the new gluten-free pretzels was $3.29 (41 cents an ounce). That’s more than double.

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  1. Thanks to your columns over the years, I’m more observant of weight/cost–especially in the case of a new variety of an old product. Actually, I’ve learned a lot from your columns.

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