Fruit in vegetable juice or sauce




Veggies in the juice

There are some new offerings among the four-packs of shelf-stable half-cup bowls of fruit. Del Monte has introduced a line called Fruit & Veggie Fusions. In case that makes you envision something like a cuplet of apples and corn, the name is accompanied by an explanation/slogan: “The Veg is in the Juice!” After the rather unnecessary ! the explanation on the package back continues “But you’d never know it!” In all four varieties, the fruit is delivered in the same “lightly sweetened” vegetable-juice mixture: water, the concentrated juices of pumpkins, sweet potatoes and butternut squash, and sugar.

Combined with the fruit, the result is said to be a USDA serving equivalent to a half cup of fruits and vegetables: 75 percent fruit and 25 percent vegetables. The choices are Peach Strawberry (peaches, the juice combo and strawberry puree concentrate), Peach Mango (peaches, the juice combo and mango puree concentrate), Cherry Fruit Trio (peaches, pears and cherries, the juice combo and pear juice concentrate) and Apple Pear Watermelon (apple, pears, the juice combo and pear juice concentrate). Mr. Tidbit notes that, although all include natural flavor (and other things), the watermelon in the name of that last version is from nothing but natural flavor. Where Mr. Tidbit found them, Fruit & Veggie Fusions were selling for the same price as other Del Monte fruit cups.


Fruits in the sauce

The new Del Monte offering, though interesting (at least to Mr. Tidbit), falls within the outlines of previous variations in fruit cuplets: new combinations of fruits and/or differences in the liquid in which the fruit is packed. Mixations, the new line of fruit cuplets from Dole, takes things in a slightly different direction.

Instead of syrup or fruit juice, the bits of fruit in Mixations are delivered in fruit sauces (think applesauce). The Apple Strawberry version is applesauce, apples and strawberry puree; Apple Raspberry is applesauce, apples and red raspberry juice concentrate; Pineapple Peach Apple is pineapple, applesauce and peach sauce, and Pineapple Mango is pineapple puree, pineapple  and mango puree. All also contain, among other things, sugar, natural flavor and tapioca starch (that’s thickening). (Mr. Tidbit is not lithping.)

Where Mr. Tidbit found them, Mixations were selling for the same price as other Dole fruit cups.




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