Don’t care for Oreos? How about Oreo dirt?

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Never in Mr. Tidbit’s wildest dreams had he imagined being able to discuss three new Oreo products at the same time. (Mr. Tidbit has very tame dreams.)

Choco Chip Oreos

New limited-edition Choco Chip Oreos are Golden-type Oreo wafers blessed with tiny dots of what might be crumbs of chocolate Oreo wafers, or bits of “choco chips” (whatever they are), sandwiched around “Choco Chip flavored creme” (whatever that is, it too contains tiny dots, but in this case Mr. Tidbit feels safe in assuming that they are Choco Chips, whatever they are).

As odd versions of Oreo cookies go, this one ranks pretty far down on the weirdometer from such eye-openers as Key Lime Pie, Gingerbread and Candy Corn, to say nothing of “Rainbow Shure, Bert!” [Yes. Shure, Bert!] If you ask Mr. Tidbit (and even if you don’t) this filling tastes more like maple cream than like anything that might reasonably be called Choco Chips. (And back in early 2014, when Cookie Dough Oreos appeared, Mr. Tidbit thought that filling tasted like sweet instant coffee.)

Oreo Dirt Cups

It’s hard to keep straight which Kraft brands split off under the Mondelez label, as Oreos did, and which went with the Kraft operations (which are now Kraft-Heinz), as Jell-O did. There might well be some remaining fellow-feeling across that void, though, as one of four new Jell-O Creations (odd little kid-oriented dessert kits) is Oreo Dirt Cups. This simple version of the Halloween standby consists of small cups (not provided) partly filled with chocolate pudding (mix provided; you add milk), topped with Oreo crumbs and then adorned with gummy worms and such.

The other three are S’Mores Cups (chocolate pudding mix, graham cracker crumbs and little marshmallows), Beach Cups (vanilla pudding mix, graham cracker crumbs and gummy sea creatures), and Princess Cups (strawberry pudding mix, white cookie crumbs and princess gummies). All four are meant to answer anguished parents’ plea: “How can we get our kids to eat their dessert?”

Oreo Churros

And from J&J Snack Foods, a company that has nothing to do with Oreo but is using the name under license, come frozen Oreo Churros with “Real Creme filling” that you can see sticking out of the ends of the churros. Bake or deep-fry them (Mr. Tidbit notes that the “Real Creme filling” survives this), then optionally roll them in “Oreo Crumb Sugar topping.”

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