Did we need chocolate chip cookies from frozen, from mix? Sure!




Mixing up the cookies at Nestlé

There are two new cookie products from the mammoth semisweet-morsel division of Nestlé. That firm already offered many cookie options, including:

Refrigerated 16.5-ounce cylinders of slice-and-bake Nestlé chocolate chip cookie dough (let’s save a few electrons by referring to this substance as NCCCD); numerous varieties of 16.5- to 18-ounce flat-packs of refrigerated chunks of NCCCD, 36-ounce tubs of scoop-and-bake NCCCD, and 28-ounce trays of 20 oversize “freshly baked in store” ready-to-eat Nestlé CCCs.

What could possibly be added to that array? Yes, you already saw the headline and the photo, but play along: There are now 18-ounce bags of frozen chunks of NCCCD, and a new NCCC baking mix. Judging by how much butter and eggs you have to add to the new mix, it will make a batch that is half the size of the recipe on the bag of chips; the box says it makes 18 cookies.

Mr. Tidbit acknowledges that you can keep frozen chunks of CCCD longer than you can keep refrigerated chunks of CCCD, but how much is that worth?

As for the new mix, it requires every bit of the (minimal) drudgery of making the cookies from scratch — except for buying separate ingredients (or using them from your pantry). You still have to come up with the butter and egg.

Here are prices per cookie for the various products at the discount store where Mr. Tidbit found the new mix.

Refrigerated tub of NCCCD: Makes 36 1-ounce cookies; $4.79: 13 cents per cookie.

 Refrigerated roll of NCCCD: Makes “about 17” 1-ounce cookies; $2.59: 15 cents each.

Refrigerated flat-packs of NCCC: The different varieties of cookies in the 16.5- to 18-ounce flat-packs are preshaped into from 12 to 24 cookies; let’s settle on an average of 18 1-ouncers; $2.59: 14 cents each.

Already-baked NCCCs: The tray of 20 1.4-ounce cookies was $5.00: 25 cents per oversized cookie; 18 cents per ounce.

  New frozen chunks of NCCCD: The 18-ounce bag of 1-ounce chunks was $3.99: 22 cents each.

New NCCC mix: Makes 18 cookies; $2.99. Adding the butter and egg: 21 cents each.

  So the two new ones cost more than any of the others, possibly excepting the already-baked cookies. Please tell Mr. Tidbit you aren’t surprised.


Betty Crocker’s CCC mix, which also makes 18 cookies, was $1.99 at that store. Adding the butter and egg: 16 cents per cookie.

 Baked from scratch: 1/2 recipe, including butter and egg, $2.46: 14 cents per cookie.



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