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Flavor to savor

Mr. Tidbit’s jaded reaction to new Fage Crossovers — a tub of Greek yogurt with a little sidecar of mix-ins, totaling 5.3 ounces — was that they are nothing more than Fage’s response to Chobani Flips. (Or maybe that Chobani Flips — a tub of Greek yogurt with a little sidecar of mix-ins, totaling 5.3 ounces — are nothing more than Chobani’s response to Fage Crossovers. Hard to know which startling breakthrough product line preceded which.)

Just because he had nothing else to do, Mr. Tidbit decided to look at the two products’ websites to see how many yogurt/mix-in flavor combinations each firm offers.

Yow! The Chobani Flips website lists 23! And 17 of them have multiple mix-ins. (Apple Crisp Twist, for example, is apple-cinnamon  yogurt with spiced walnuts, cinnamon crunch & glazed pie crust pieces.)

Mr. Tidbit almost walked away from the Fage Crossovers website having learned nothing more than that there are 11 flavors and that each involves only a single mix-in. That’s when he noticed what might really be a startling breakthrough:

Several of the yogurt flavors are savory, not sweet. There’s Coconut Curry yogurt with roasted cashews, Tomato Basil yogurt with roasted almonds, Olive Thyme yogurt with roasted almonds and Carrot Ginger yogurt with roasted pistachios.

Mr. Tidbit suspects that your average supermarket won’t be in a hurry to push more-traditional yogurts off the shelf in favor of Tomato Basil .

And he can hardly wait for the next advance. His money is on Hamburger yogurt with caramelized onions.


mmm. Cupcake!

Mr. Tidbit couldn’t tell, at first, whether new Vanilla Cupcake m&ms are an Easter gimmick, a “limited edition” gimmick or a year-round gimmick. The pastel coatings shown in the illustration on the bag (Mr. Tidbit found Vanilla Cupcake only in the giant eight-ounce bags, not in single-serving bags) suggest spring, if not specifically Easter. The headline on a relatively small illustration on the back of the bag supplied clarification: “Easter is Better with m.”

Perhaps someone can explain to Mr. Tidbit what Easter has to do with vanilla. Or with cupcakes, for that matter.


Foam at home

Good news for folks who want a latte and have been forced to trudge to a coffee shop to get it: International Delight has applied Reddi Wip technology to coffee creamer. The result is One Touch Latte “frothing coffee creamer.” Shake, point the spout into your not-full cup of coffee and press for five seconds. There you go!

At one store the seven-serving One Touch Latte (vanilla, caramel or mocha) was $3.99 — 57 cents per foamy serving.


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