Cherries and Cheerios




Dipped Cherries

For reasons that Mr. Tidbit can’t imagine, it is at Christmas and Valentine’s Day that we see displays of boxed “cordial cherries” — what Mr. Tidbit and many others call “chocolate-covered cherries.” Maybe they’re tied to Christmas and Valentine’s Day because the cherries are red, but they’re chocolate-covered. In any case, two brands have always been there and Mr. Tidbit will offer no comparison between the Queen Anne and Cella chocolate-covered cherries; these things are a matter of taste.

But while both offer milk-and dark-chocolate versions, Queen Anne has lately been moving into unfamiliar territory, with French Vanilla Cordial Cherries and Black Cherry Cola Cordial Cherries. Mr. Tidbit can’t help passing along this description of that latter confection, from the Queen Anne website: “Warm cola notes with a hint of citrus and spice are paired with the deep, complex notes of black cherry and enrobed in smooth milk chocolate to create a one-of-a-kind cordial.” Yow.

Anyway, that is not the path Cella has chosen to take. New, or at least new to Mr. Tidbit, are Cella Dips: cherries dipped in dark chocolate, but without the liquid/fondant that is found between the cherry and the chocolate covering in a chocolate-covered cherry. One would easily get the impression from the bag that the cherries are still on their stems. They are not. (Maybe that’s a “serving suggestion.”)

At the store where Mr. Tidbit found them, the bag of 30 was $3.99.


More and fewer Cheerios


New from General Mills are Very Berry Cheerios, “flavored with real fruit and other natural flavors.” Indeed, the ingredients list includes blueberry powder, strawberry powder, cranberry powder and raspberry powder, which might account for the little colored dots on the Cheerios (or might not, since there’s also vegetable and fruit juice color).

As displayed on the Cheerios website, there are now 13 kinds of Cheerios, including Very Berry. Two years ago there were 15 (obviously without Very Berry). Chances are that one of the three disappeared versions was your favorite.


A brief note

Today’s column is a little short, as Mr. Tidbit is busy preparing shortbread, shortcake, short ribs, littleneck clams and lo mein noodles.


Al Sicherman

Author: Al Sicherman

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3 thoughts on “Cherries and Cheerios”

  1. Does today’s brief note imply that Mr. Tidbit is busy preparing the dinner for this evening’s informal White House dinner at which the Short Fingered Vulgarian is entertaining Little Marco? Just askin.’

  2. C’mon…..shortbread, shortcake, short ribs, etc……..should I be offended? I am a few inches “short” of five feet! Nah! no offense taken! I have lived with names like that all my short life! Which, by the way, has gotten to be somewhat of a long life! Praise God!

  3. the reference to the “Mr. Tidbit is busy preparing shortbread, shortcake, short ribs, littleneck clams and lo mein noodles” obviously means you are having another of Mr. Tidbit’s famous themed dinners.
    YUM ……except for the littleneck clams. they are not in my wheelhouse.

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