Beans and surprising goodness


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The parade of beans

Mr. Tidbit was surprised recently, while strolling down the bean aisle, to see what appeared to be many new offerings from Bush’s. First, there are now organic versions of several of Bush’s regular products, including baked beans and black beans.

At the store where he found them, 16-ounce cans of Bush’s regular black beans were 99 cents and the same size cans of Bush’s new organic black beans were $1.19 (surprisingly only 20 percent more per ounce). The 16-ounce can of Bush’s baked beans was $1.52; the new organic baked beans were $1.99 (31 percent more per ounce; that’s more like it!).

Mr. Tidbit will now admit to having been fooled: Next to the new organic beans, brightly colored labels decorated several varieties of Bush’s Cocina Latina — a line of south-of-the-border seasoned beans that he thought was new — possibly the next “limited time” offering from Bush’s (after Asian BBQ and Sriracha). Somehow he didn’t notice the lack of “new” or “limited time” flags on the cans. He just learned, by visiting Bush’s website, that the Cocina Latina beans aren’t new at all — but the brightly colored labels are. (So they worked!)

As they were new to Mr. Tidbit, they might be new to others. There are eight kinds, not all of which were at that store: Frijoles Negros Machacados (smashed black beans with poblano chiles, tomatoes and “a touch” of bacon; Frijoles a la Mexicana (pinto beans in a tomato and serrano pepper sauce with a similar “touch” of bacon); Frijoles Charros Machacados (smashed pinto beans with tomatoes, serranos, and [guess what] a touch of bacon); Pintos A La Diabla (pinto beans in a spicy sauce of chiles de Arbol, jalapeños and serranos — apparently untouched by bacon); Frijoles Cubanos (black beans in sauce seasoned with garlic and green and red peppers); traditional refried beans, fat-free refried beans, and refried black beans.


Goodness Knows: Who knew?

New Goodness Knows snack squares are sold in packs of four in a row, like a candy bar, alongside other alternative “better for you” treats. They come in three varieties: cranberry, almond, dark chocolate; apple, almond & peanut dark chocolate; and peach, cherry & almond dark chocolate. At the convenience store where he found them, the 1.2-ounce bars were $2.19; similar-size regular candy bars at that store were $1.39. Guess who makes Goodness Knows: Candy-bar giant Mars.



Al Sicherman

Author: Al Sicherman

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  1. I had no idea! I drive past the world HQ of Bush’s beans twice a week on my way to my workout, where I try to get rid of some of the effects of consuming Little Debbie and other treats. Next time, I will tip my hat to their sort-of-reasonable organic bean pricing. Better still, I may run into a Bush heir at a cultural event tomorrow evening, and I can pass on your thoughts. I do worry, though, about what sort of “inorganic” beans I may have been enjoying all these years. Could explain a lot.

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