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What’s that smell?

Mr. Tidbit’s regular readers might be aware that he seldom discusses products that aren’t produced by major grocery firms, because he doesn’t enjoy the phone calls, e-mails and telegrams asking where the heck a person can buy the weird little item in question. (Mr. Tidbit’s irregular readers might want to consider the wonders of Activia and Metamucil.)

He must acknowledge, though, that with the recent emphasis at Target stores on grocery brands outside the mainstream, and given the ubiquity of Target, lots of peculiar items that might otherwise be  hard to find are now effectively everywhere.

For example, an unusual version of mac & cheese from Evol Foods (that’s “sdoof love” spelled backwards), which makes a wide range of frozen foods it describes as “real food with simple, easy to recognize ingredients and big taste,” available at Target and quite a few other places, caught Mr. Tidbit’s eye long enough to cause him to look at the ingredients list. Does a $3.89 8-ounce bowl of Truffle Parmesan Mac & Cheese, he wondered, really contain any (very expensive) truffles?

Well, sort of. As he expected, the key ingredient is “truffle oil,” which in this case is sunflower oil containing a bit of white truffle. But he wouldn’t have brought the whole thing up if that was all there was to it. In fact there’s one more ingredient. The list actually reads “truffle oil (sunflower oil, white truffles, white truffle aroma).”

Mr. Tidbit enjoys aromas as much as the next person, but he has never thought of “aroma” as an ingredient. He wonders where Evol buys truffle aroma – and, for that matter, what other aromas you can get. Now that he thinks about it, he must acknowledge that his dog, Gus, might well be listed as Gus (good dog, good dog aroma).


What price organic?

New from Krusteaz are what Mr. Tidbit would say are the first organic layer cake and organic brownie mixes from a mainstream grocery firm. Both are $3.92 at one store, where other firms’ brownie mixes are about half that price and cake mixes less than that. Krusteaz doesn’t make any other layer cake or brownie mixes, but its many muffin, bar and cookie mixes also are way cheaper than its organic items. (Please don’t tell Mr. Tidbit that you’re surprised.)

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