An organic offering’s surprise . . . and an admission

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Organically pricy

Mr. Tidbit would be the first to acknowledge that he hasn’t paid much attention to kids’ drinks, those little beverage pouches that come in boxes of eight or ten. Actually, there are probably quite a few other folks who would acknowledge the same thing, so Mr. Tidbit might not be the first; let’s just say he acknowledges it, and move on. In any case, he just noticed the new organic version of the Capri Sun brand of these drinks, which caused him to look down the shelf and see that it brings to five the number of kinds of Capri Sun, all of which come in boxes of ten 6-ounce pouches.

There’s the original product (a “juice drink” with 10 percent juice), in 14 flavors, at one store $2.69; there’s 100 percent juice “1 1/2 servings of fruit in every pouch,” four flavors, $2.99; there’s Roarin’ Waters “flavored water beverage” with 0 percent juice – no juice at all – 6 flavors, $2.69; there’s Super V (66 percent juice) “1 combined serving of fruit and vegetables in every pouch,” three flavors, $4.39; and new organic “juice drink blend” (66 percent juice) four flavors, a startling $5.49.


Breakfast biscuit blunder

Beginning about a year ago with his puzzlement about the term “breakfast biscuit” when it first appeared (on BelVita Breakfast Biscuits from Mondelez), through increased clarity with every subsequent debut (Nature Valley Breakfast Biscuits from General Mills, Nutri-Grain Breakfast Biscuits from Kellogg) Mr. Tidbit was able to define a breakfast biscuit, by inference, as a thin, cookie-like item not sweet enough to be a cookie, a serving of which weighs 50 grams in every case. Then, when Quaker’s Oat & Yogurt Sandwich Biscuits appeared, followed by Nature Valley Biscuits, (another sandwich item) he was able to establish a second weight-class: 38 gram sandwiches without “breakfast” in the name. At the same time Kind Breakfast (nice variation: “biscuits” isn’t in the name) appeared, reconfirming the 50-gram serving rule for a non-sandwich version.

With the recent arrival of Quaker Breakfast Flats, Mr. Tidbit was preparing to report that this item’s serving of only 40 grams breaks the 50-gram rule. Checking his work, he discovered to his horror that the serving of Nutri-Grain Breakfast Biscuits doesn’t meet the 50-gram rule either. It is 40 grams. There really isn’t a 50-gram rule. There are three 50s and two 40s.

Never mind.


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