A soupçon of attention to soup cans

Soup, soup everywhere!

It has long amazed Mr, Tidbit not only that there are a zillion kinds of Campbell’s soup, but how many different lines of soup Campbell’s has managed to convince people are different styles or essences or something of similar kinds of soup.

Until very recently, Mr. Tidbit believes, there have been these many separate sets of Campbell’s soups, with distinguishing characteristics as he is able to make a stab at them:

Condensed soups: The originals (add water); red and white cans, 10.5 ounces or so.

All the rest are “ready to eat” (add no water).

Chunky soups: “The soup that eats like a meal.” Larger pieces of ingredients, red cans, 18 or 19 ounces, also 15.25-ounce microwave bowls.

  Go soups: Exotic or specific-subtype ingredients (shiitake mushrooms, poblano chilies), 14-ounce foil pouches with pictures of faces.

Home Style soups: (“The taste that takes you home.”) (Mr. Tidbit has no idea.) Some used to be called Select Harvest. About 19-ounce tan cans.

Organic soups: Organic, 17-ounce white and green brick packs.

Slow Kettle Style soups: (“Everything good takes time. That’s why we slowly simmer the perfect combination of authentic ingredients.”) (Mr. Tidbit has no idea). 15.5-ounce dark-green-label microwave bowls.

Soup on the Go: Red and white tall single-serve cups (around 11 ounces).

There are also a number of variant entries (low sodium, heart healthy, gluten free), that pop up here and there in the various lines, and Healthy Request Soups, which might be its own line but Mr. Tidbit isn’t sure, and frankly, my dear, at this point he doesn’t give a damn.

Surely that’s enough kinds of Campbell’s soup, yes?


No! Now there’s Well Yes! Soups. (“When you say yes, amazing things happen. That’s why we say yes to all the good ingredients in our soup. So go ahead, say yes — eat positively and live deliciously.”) Varicolored 16-or-so-ounce cans.

Mr. Tidbit couldn’t let “Well Yes!” go without opening a can. Compared with Chunky’s Savory Chicken with White & Wild Rice, Well Yes! Roasted Chicken with Wild Rice had less liquid, the solids were predominated by wild rice, the chicken was in small bits; Chunky had more liquid, mostly white rice and chunks of chicken. (Both liquids tasted like canned soup but different canned soups.)




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  1. Once again I wonder . . . how many choices do people need? A few years ago daughter and I counted 43 varieties of barbecue sauce at our market. There are many, many more today. Ridiculous! And look at all the cereals.

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