Al Sicherman was Mr. Tidbit, the author of Tidbits, the column about new food products that appeared in the Taste section of the Star Tribune in Minneapolis. for something like 32 years.

( Holy crap! Can that be right? Yes, it started somewhere around 1984, maybe even a year or two earlier.)

Anyway, it’s been going on so long that it is a habit with him. He retired from the Star Tribune in 2007, and kept right on writing Tidbits as a freelancer until early March of 2016, when the Star Tribune realized there were far better things to put in that space.

Clearly unwilling to read the handwriting on the wall (it said “Nobody wants to read about the latest flavor of Oreos or how much more per ounce new Jif to Go costs than a normal jar of Jif”), he launched this blog, where he will continue to post weekly Tidbits columns for at least three years (he paid for three years of website hosting, so he needs to get his money’s worth).

He might also now and then toss in an otherwise allegedly amusing column written in his other oddly-third-person persona, Uncle Al.

But don’t count on it.